Do you need a copywriter?


Copywriting is all about writing persuasive copy to increase your sales, to drive potential customers to your business, or take a particular action that will benefit you. That is what I have to offer you.

This form of writing is something that I have graduated to over a period of time as I have enjoyed writing compelling sentences from a very early age, fiction mostly.

That was when I was 18, many moons ago.

Since then I have had other careers until returning to be a regular writer and editor of Living Tenerife magazine. 

Once again my creative juices got flowing, penning articles on properties, cars, restaurants, hotels. Then that went under so in the end freelancing was a great option for me and a great way to market what I had to offer to a wider market.

So that's what I did, re-learning and fine-tuning my art for this type of writing. In this industry one pen does not write for all types of businesses so different ways to write for a wide range of businesses and entrepreneurs had to be adjusted.

The good thing about me is that when I'm not writing - I'm thinking about writing,  and I always like to improve my craft. I love what I do and love to write about a wide range of topics. That means that I am not stuck in a niche market and have the capability to research and write knowledgeably about any subject, and compellingly.


My job, if you like, is to shine the best light on your business with words, selling you to your potential customers before you have to sell to them.


So get in touch, drop me an email or a whatsapp, and let me show you how we can work together to increase your bottom line!