The New 2020 Ford F-150 is a beast on four chunky wheels.
Not only is it the best-selling pick-up truck in America but it's had some major upgrades since the last F series model, of which nearly 900,000 enthusiasts are proud owners of in 2019 alone.
Known for its dependability, reliability and versatility, this light-duty truck has been designed to suit drivers of all tastes - and the high level of sales reflects that in spades, leaving the closest truck rival playing catch-up in the slow lane.

The four best features of the new 2020 Ford 150 are:


Options and specs are the key takeaways here, with an amazing choice of six engine sizes when opting to purchase this vehicle. But on top of that, there is a choice of bed lengths, 3 to be exact, as well as 3 options of cabin sizes depending on your requirements, as well as 7 trim styles.

2.Big Engine
The oomph under the hood comes from the high output 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 engine, which serves up 450 horsepower, making this truck perform and react more like a sports car than just a truck; it's nippy and responsive like you can't believe. And this extra power makes towing another vehicle a breeze in all types of terrain and weather.

3. Modifications
Off-road capability with a modified suspension brings enviable comfort when bouncing over mounds and rough terrain, and the handling, both on and off paved surfaces, makes this truck a dream to drive. It's a good-sized truck but doesn't feel heavy and intimidating from behind the wheel, while at the same time offering ample space and comfort inside for occupants in front and in the rear for both long and short hauls.

4. Six or 10 Speed
There is an option to have a six-speed or a 10-speed automatic transmission, and both react speedily between gear changes, surging forward mightily throughout every shift.


This is a sit back, get comfortable, relax and enjoy kind of ride.

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