In The Zone:

El Medano is renowned on the island of Tenerife for its world-class windsurfing championships. The regular competitions are a pleasure to witness as the surfers literally ride the waves daringly for as long as possible, oftentimes defying gravity. And talking about defying gravity, the kite-surfers are in a league of their own, ricocheting off rolling waves beneath their boards to become airborne, reaching tremendous heights for unbelievable amounts of time. This is a great area to live, whether you are into sea sports, enjoy strolling leisurely along the beach, or simply dining in the nearby restaurants in an environment that is incredibly varied and international.

The Property:

Living here in your very own property is a dream. This house has been remodeled with a new kitchen and bathroom with a clean, modern feel and the whole floor throughout has been covered with parquet flooring; a small touch but a nice warm feeling compared to tiling which can chill you to the sole - of your feet, that is. There are two spacious bedrooms, one bathroom, an American style kitchen, and a utility room. The location is in a quiet part of the town but is only a short walk away from the parks, the leisure areas, bars, beaches, shopping centers, bus stops, taxis, medical centers, and the tourist area of the region.

To View:

With this house you can have it all: a house in a quiet area to retire to, all amenities within walking distance, a lively, international tourist area, and also hidden gems where residents frequent to have a quiet drink. The agents of Gran Casa are waiting for your call or you can visit to make your appointment before someone else does.


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Nestled In The Heart Of History:

Tudela de Duero is a small, quiet town just 16km from the bustling city of Valladolid. It is here that Remax showcases a 3-bedroom townhouse that is just meters away from the historic Gothic-styled Church of Our Lady of the Assumption, magnificently built in the center of the town in the 16th century.

The Property:

Situated next to the Municipal Auditorium on a landscaped plot of land of 163 meters, the townhouse encompasses 95 meters over two floors. The front door is sheltered within the glass terraced enclosure at the front of the house, itself reflecting the sunlight just so when approaching this impressive home. The ground floor contains one of the three bedrooms of the property as well as a small American style kitchen, a complete bathroom with a shower, and a cozy living room which extends seamlessly into a back terraced area to create even more additional living space. Exiting further from here a 50-meter garden can be enjoyed by your family, friends, and loved ones. A wooden staircase meanders up to the second level and the remaining two bedrooms, a large bathroom with a bath and enough light beaming in from the window to keep it well-lit late into the evening. This benefit of well-situated windows continues throughout this property, making each room light and airy, and allowing more than sufficient natural light to permeate each and every room.

Things To Do:

This quaint town is renowned for its places to go hiking, for its mountain biking paths, for its horse riding trails and even for its canoeing. There is a river that meanders around the town that is great for strolling along the banks on moonlit nights, so there is a lot to do for people of all ages and fitness levels. Tudela is also known as an agricultural economy, cultivating asparagus and it has a very strong, traditional wine-growing sector, and many of the brands are sold locally in supermarkets and nearby restaurants for you to enjoy.

To View:

So, is this your next ideal home? If you like to move at your own pace, if you want to be able to get back to nature while being a mere 10 minutes' drive from a bustling city, then it could well be. There is just one way to find out. Make a call, book an appointment and enjoy the tour of this property - slowly as the pace of life here is nice and tranquil - and delight in what this property has to offer, not just in its bricks and mortar but in the new quality of life it can have for you and your family.




Stunning Views:

If you're looking for a house with absolutely fabulous views, then you're in luck. If you're looking for a fantastic property to invest in, then you're in luck. If you're looking for a home to settle comfortably in, then you are definitely in luck. The views of the azure sea shining below and the rearing mountains nestled around Teide make a magnificent backdrop behind, especially when the peak is briefly smothered in layers of snow in the winter months.

The property:

This independent stand-alone property is built on 490.75 m2 of land and has four large bedrooms, two based on the upper level with two bathrooms, one with a nice terrace, and the other 2 bedrooms located downstairs. Potential is the keyword here as the inside is a blank canvass waiting for the right decorative flair to make it shine to its full potential. In the basement, there is a spacious garage area just waiting to house four cars or to partially convert into a games area.

To View:

This is a much sought-after home, that has unlimited potential. And the most important thing is that it is just one phone call or email away. So, what are you waiting for?


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Wine Country:

Tacoronte itself is a mere 16km drive away from the capital of Tenerife, Santa Cruz, but has a completely different ambiance. Even the approaching drive starts scenically and only gets better as you delve further into this hidden gem. This is wine country. Vineyards sprawl on the hills virtually on every available plot of land, the soil here is so rich. But you don't have to be a wine expert to appreciate this area, to appreciate the history, to recognize that this would be a great place to set up home.

The Property:

This three-bedroom townhouse is just a short walk away from the Tacoronte Market, which is a bonus as parking can be challenging around this popular spot. The renowned marketplace has about 80 stalls that sell fruits, vegetables, plants, flowers, cakes, bread, cheese, honey, wine, meat and fish. It's very impressive and is a must for regular weekly visits. Fortunately, even though it is close to this bustling event, the property is located in a quiet part of the village, giving the best of both worlds. On the ground floor, there is a good-sized living-dining room, a toilet, a kitchen with a utility room, and even an office to make working from home more convenient. Upstairs are the three bedrooms, the main one having an en-suite bathroom with a dressing room and a balcony overlooking the spacious grassed garden area behind. Floors are parquet covered upstairs while tiled downstairs. Each bedroom has a built-in wardrobe and all the windows throughout are double glazed for extra comfort as it can get slightly cold in the winter months.

To View:

Tacoronte has a special feel to it, having a Portuguese influence from being settled by them centuries ago, but it is decidedly Spanish in its architecture. Wineries and vineyards perforate this zone so it doesn't hurt if you like to live life at a slower pace when needed and it doesn't hurt to live here if you like a glass of wine or two either. Go and have a look, take the tour, and see for yourself.


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Land Rush:
The Coronavirus has wreaked havoc across the United States like nothing seen in 100 years. It has devastated industries, driven businesses both large and small into the ground, and cost thousands of jobs. One sector of business, however, which seems to be holding steady, if not booming in some states, is the property market. 

Savvy buyers are seizing on the opportunities of unbeatable low mortgage rates while the opportunities are there to snap up properties with land situated outside of urban centers.  Choosing homes where the distance from your neighbor is not measured in feet but in yards has a certain appeal to it.  With the changing work environment, possibly veering towards more home-based situations rather than in an office space, these properties are becoming more attractive. And now, due to U.S. policymakers cutting borrowing costs and making stimulus cash available, they are more affordable.

Areas like Manhattan, New York and Los Angeles have witnessed a noticeable drop off in contracts for condos being signed or renewed. Yet this is also being echoed in various other major urbanized cities across the country, also partly due to the need for social distancing and quarantining. 

Where possible countless first-time buyers have decided to opt for this suburban option, to take advantage of special offers from builders who are extending their portfolios.  Even when the pandemic has faded away this suburban trend could continue to appeal if it maintains its affordability, with new suburbanites adjusting to commuting to work if needed. 

Time will tell. The third wave of the coronavirus is on its way and who knows what the landscape will be like when it decides to land.



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