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Green Warrior Permaculture Course Launched To Eco-Educate and Empower The People

With 27 years of experience in the field of sustainability, Steve Cran founded Green Warrior Permaculture with the goal of helping communities beset by the aftereffects of war or natural disasters. To that end, he employed specialists in sustainability so that skills and information could be taught to local inhabitants in conflict zones in an easy-to-understand manner.

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In these often remote areas where everyday life and survival are put under unbearable stress, the goal of the Green Warriors is to teach the locals how to be self-sufficient using local resources. They occasionally encounter obstacles, however, where endemic time-honored traditions have been utilized for generations and these have to be carefully overcome.

Teaching a new agricultural farming method is never easy, but the Green Warriors approach the communities with a passion and a hands-on training system that yields results. They ensure that the skills are practiced by repetition and that the new methods are easily absorbed so that a local eco-system can be installed by members of the community themselves.

Without the intervention of the Green Warriors, many of these communities would struggle to survive after natural disasters or wars. With this guidance and education, local resources can be used to improve their lives by growing sustainable crops, rearing livestock, and turning barren land into farmland. Armed with this improved skill set and infrastructure, communities quickly have the ability to install their own permanent food security structure without relying on food aid agencies and to essentially grow their way out of poverty.

The many objectives of Green Warrior Permaculture, which can be viewed on their website, are not just restricted to poverty-prone areas, however. Their methods of sustainability can be repeated in urban neighborhoods and other areas in need of development. Outside of agricultural endeavors, they are also concerned with climate change, women's rights, marine conservation, and the right to proper education for all, to name just a few of their goals.

To this end, courses are offered on their website as well as information about internships and apprenticeships to achieve a diploma in permaculture sustainability.

Further information and their list of courses can be viewed on the website link above.


Steve Cran launched Green Warrior Permaculture to tackle the challenges and inequalities in the world today. His mission is to promote agricultural sustainability, educate remote communities on how to be self-sufficient using natural resources, and also helping to mitigate both natural and man-made disasters.


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